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"My husband and I had a general idea of what we wanted to do, and Paul helped us put our ideas on paper. We ended up adding a water feature, nice outdoor living space/patio, plants, small sod lawn, and fire pit in the backyard. Construction was relatively quick, and paul and his crew were very easy to contact and talk with throughout the whole process. I'm very happy with how my yard turned out!!"

- Erin C.

"After our previous landscaper completed messed up our water feature and had no idea how to fix it, we gave PGS a call. Paul gave us a detailed explanation of what we needed to do, and found the underlying conditions causing our pond to leak and the pump not to work correctly. We can't thank Paul enough!"

- Caren S.

"Our yard screamed 80s before Paul and his crew came in and modernized it! PGS implemented drip irrigation, turf, a waterfall and pond, many drought resistant plants, and a weather controlled irrigation sensor. They helped design our new driveway which had some bad cracking, and constructed it beautifully. Our yard finally looks like it belongs in this decade! Very happy with Paul and his guys!"

- Lynette N.

"I am very impressed by what Paul has done for our backyard. At first we came to him with a simple sketch up and some ideas, and he turned it into a beautiful landscape design. He suggested we make some modifications in order to simplify the process and save water. We now have a beautiful yard and an outdoor living area we use frequently."

- Jeffrey L.

"Paul has done an absolutely great job with our yard. We had it landscaped by another company about 7 years ago, and things were just falling apart. Paul came in, identified the issues with the existing structures, and fixed them accordingly. I was impressed by how quickly he was able to identify and fix the issues."

- Sarah C.

"In midst of this terrible drought, my wife and I were contemplating installing some water saving landscape features to see how we could contribute to saving water. We had no concrete plans prior to calling PGS, but after one meeting we were able to find cost effective ways to improve our existing landscape and save water. Paul and his crew landscaped our whole yard and now it barely uses any water and still looks great! We installed pet friendly turf that our puppy loves, and added drip irrigation for our plants."

- Thomas H.